Sometimes a leap is a leap in understanding– sudden ah-ha! moments where something comes in just at the right time in the right way and we are able to see it/hear it/ feel it…

Sometimes a leap is something more akin to blind faith, you do something because you can’t not do it, even if you don’t know all the possible ramifications, or maybe, in spite of the ramifications and consequences you do foresee.

Sometimes a leap is an expression, usually of joy, where we are nearly overtaken with some version of Happy that lifts our feet off the ground, makes our heart soar…

Sometimes a leap is making a connection or commitment, as in Taking the Leap or Jumping the Broom. This too is an act of faith, one also of  hope and intention.

Sometimes a leap is one of those moments where a completely non-rational visceral something causes us to jump track from our habitual thinking, and a whole world of options opens up.

Sometimes a leap is overcoming obstacles, not sitting down for a long, protracted debriefing, but usually more of a Yes I see you, and I’ll be moving ahead anyway, sort of way.

Sometimes a leap can be created from the absolute grounded support of another. Something they know or have seen or been there done that, and that allows you to skip over some steps, move ahead, feel supported in doing so.

Sometimes a leap is more internal, a jump in heartrate, or breathing, or the tell tale quivery sense that Something Important is Happening.

Sometimes a leap is the willingness to fall or fly, because you can’t not know the answer, and you can’t not try.

Wishing you all bravery and a connection to your inner truths to be open to everything positve(ly) leap-y today.

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4 thoughts on “Leap

    1. Thanks Nancy! Today is pretty amazing, in spite of all my whatevers and whatnot, I am feeling POSSIBILITY, and that is pretty delicious. Thanks so much for commenting, Kate


  1. Thank you for doing this…I know this is your blog and going out into the wide world, but I cant help feeling like every time I read these you’re sitting across from me telling this as if you see inside me. You are amazing. You are wonderful and wonderous.

    1. Thank you love! What a wonderful thing to tell me and what a wonderful, beautiful, kind thing to hear. Wish I were sitting across from you right now. Looking forward to seeing you somehow next week.  OXO


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