finding my way: internal navigation

today, for me, was about wanting simplification

no. it wasn’t.

it was about overt and covert knee jerk “complexification”

it was about too muchness and not enoughness

it was about too little time, too many things on the do list, on the expected, on the communicated, on the committed list

it was about stupid food choices

and not enough sleep

it was about grief and logistics

and airlines and suit coats and the distance between here and there

it was about meeting or not meeting

it was about missing, and longing, and wishing things were different

it was about plans that come apart, and plans that must be made

it was about sanity and well-intentioned insanity

but if I strip all of that away

all the shoulds and the disappointments, real or perceived, present or potential, mine or yours

it was really about this:

loving with all my considerable might

loving with all of my big, big heart.

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