Soul Reclamation

Soul Reclamation, part 1

This self-guided journaling adventure was gathered from the materials I provided during a live class in the spring of 2016. Taken best in sequence, use what works and leave the rest.  These questions and inquiries can be used more than once. Pass it along if you’d like. And let me know if you want a copy but cannot afford the price right now. I totally get paying it forward.

Soul Reclamation Part 1:

This is about reclaiming parts of ourselves, long misplaced, buried, forgotten.
This is about inviting ourselves to feel more whole.
This is about mindfulness and presence, awareness, and forgiveness and shame-release.
This is about letting go, even a little, of our fierce grip on some of what keeps us from being able to move forward into who we are becoming.

** A 25 page downloadable pdf including 5 multi-part guided journaling exercises
** Each part of each exercise could take as little as 10-minutes, and you can go at your own pace
** “ Journaling“ could mean writing or not, art or not, but something “external”, not inside your head, usually works best.

This may be for you if you are feeling ready to let go of some old stories, while staying safe, present and mindful.
But this is not for you if you feel at any time it’s not for you. Yes, it is that simple. Trust you. Trust you. Trust you.


Part 2: Permission

Sometimes in the midst of all that calls for our attention, work like this, quiet work, internal work, can feel like it gets last billing. And what I ask of you now, is to grant yourself permission.

$20.00 for a self-paced, self-guided downloadable pdf.






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